Wesley Foundation at UTK

The United Methodist Collegiate Ministry at the University of Tennessee

Our Mission

The Wesley Foundation "strives to be an open, diverse Christian community, extending love on campus."

The Wesley Foundation is open each day from 9 am until 10 pm. Come by and hang out or study between classes. Everyone is welcome!

Wesley Foundation in the News

The peaceful conclusion happened the day after Second United Methodist Church hosted a Friday-night service for about 100 people who came to pray for peace. The protest concluded peacefully after students at the UTK Wesley Foundation had prayed and offered a place of safety and comfort for the community.

“I realize people in the Body of Christ feel called to respond in different ways, but I feel called to offer pastoral support and a place of refuge,” said the Rev. Tim Kobler, Wesley Foundation director.

 “If it gets to be too much or if anybody is injured or scared, we’ve got a space here for people to come and decompress, talk, pray, have a cold cup of water, whatever," Kobler said on Saturday morning.

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