Wesley Foundation at UTK

The United Methodist Collegiate Ministry at the University of Tennessee

Our Mission

The Wesley Foundation "strives to be an open, diverse Christian community, extending love on campus."

The Wesley Foundation is open each day from 9 am until 10 pm. Come by and hang out or study between classes. Everyone is welcome!

Our Weekly Programs

Sunday Worship - We gather at 6:00 pm in our Chapel for worship. Students volunteer to serve as liturgists, pianists, and ushers. Occasionally, a student will preach as well. This is a great time to come and quiet your spirit, relax, and get to meet people from the Wesley Foundation community. While this is mainly a ministry for and with students, members of the community outside of UT are also welcome.

Dinner & Lumos - This is an informal gathering at which we discuss topics of interest held on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm. Topics previously discussed include abortion, drinking, natural disasters, the Social Principals, Wesley’s Three Simple Rules, etc. If there is a topic you are interested in feel free to mention it to Tim or Heather for possible use at a later date. Dinner on Wednesday nights is cooked by students who attend the Wesley Foundation, and is served at 6:00 pm. If you would like to cook a Wednesday evening meal, please sign up on the list in the community room.

Small Groups - Several small group opportunities are offered throughout the week, ranging from prayer groups to Bible studies.

Leadership Team - We invite you to join us as we meet together to discern God's hopes for this ministry and make plans for mission and service. The leadership team meetings are also open to all Wesley Foundation students. Dates and times will be announced as needed.

Intramural Sports - The Wesley Foundation forms many intramural sports teams throughout the year. Check the Intramural Sports bulletin board for more information, or contact Josh Biggerstaff, our coordinator.

Weekly Schedule

The building is open each day from 9 am until 10 pm. Come by and hang out or study between classes. Everyone is welcome! Free Wi-Fi!

4:30 pm - Music Rehearsal in the Chapel
6:00 pm - Worship in the Chapel
7:00 pm - Free Meal

7:30 am - Morning Devotions
7:00 pm - Student-Led Bible Study

6:00 pm - Evening Meal (cooked by students)
6:30 pm - Lumos, a Large Group Study
7:15 pm - Small Group Studies 

9:00 am - Morning Devotions

Friday Night Stuff - Times and Activities TBA (for more information, email our student intern.)