Wesley Foundation at UTK

The United Methodist Collegiate Ministry at the University of Tennessee

Our Mission

The Wesley Foundation "strives to be an open, diverse Christian community, extending love on campus."

The Wesley Foundation is open each day from 9 am until 10 pm. Come by and hang out or study between classes. Everyone is welcome!

Thursdays at 6:30pm
in the
Chapel at Church Street UMC,
located at 900 Henley Street (at Main)

The Wesley Foundation, in partnership with Church Street UMC, invites you to join us for Recovery Downtown on Thursday nights.

We welcome individuals seeking recovery from alcoholism, substance abuse, and other forms of addiction, but as Christians we believe that everyone is recovering from something and that everyone is on a journey to wholeness. Therefore, everyone is invited!

There is a place for everyone, including individuals we've felt excluded from "church" in the past, and individuals who may have felt that their lives were too messy for Sunday worship. We invite you to come as you are, and to be yourself.

Please contact Rev. Tim Kobler with any questions you may have. 

Small Group Descriptions:

Breathing Underwater, led by Rev. Matt Hampton, is a study of Fr. Richard Rohr's book on the spirituality of the 12-Step Tradition.

Sober University, led by Leah Moir, is a discussion group addressing the many issues facing individuals who are brand new to recovery.

Intercessory Prayer, led by Rev. Jan Buxton-Wade, is a reflection and discussion group on enriching our faith through prayer.

Just for Today, led by Daniel Burtch, is a twelve-step group for individuals in recovery from addiction.

Mosaic, led by Rev. Tim Kobler, is a discussion group for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies who desire to address the myriad of issues of identity and faith.

Mindfulness Meditation, led by Claudio Barrientos, is a group exploring the power of mindfulness meditation in all aspects of our lives.