Wesley Foundation at UTK

The United Methodist Collegiate Ministry at the University of Tennessee

Our Mission

The Wesley Foundation "strives to be an open, diverse Christian community, extending love on campus."

The Wesley Foundation is open each day from 9 am until 10 pm. Come by and hang out or study between classes. Everyone is welcome!

Come by the Wesley Foundation during welcome week to enjoy a great time with some wonderful people! There are lots of options throughout the week. 

Sunday, Aug. 20
5:30pm  Open House
6:00pm  Worship
7:00pm  Free Dinner

Monday, Aug. 21
10:00am  Meet at the Wesley Foundation for eclipse viewing and pool party

Tuesday, Aug. 22
12:00pm Campus Tours

Wednesday, Aug. 23
6:00pm  FREE Dinner and Games

Thursday, Aug. 24
6:00pm  Ultimate Frisbee

Friday, Aug. 25
7:00pm  Student Involvement Fair

Saturday, Aug. 26
7:45am Bike Hike on the Virginia Creeper Trail
7:00pm Cookout at 1st UMC Riverside Pavillion, Knoxville